Pokémon Company Responds Thoughtfully to Palworld Copyright Controversy

The Pokémon Company put out a press release earlier this evening that seemed to address the recent talk about the new Steam Early Access game Palworld and its collecting creatures that look a lot like Pokémon.

Our company has gotten a lot of questions about a game from another business that came out in January 2024. Our company has not given any permission for Pokémon intellectual property or assets to be used in that game. We’re going to look into any actions that violate Pokémon intellectual property rights and take the right steps to stop them.

The Pokémon Company doesn’t directly name Palworld or its creator, Pocketpair, in its statement, but we think it’s looking into the record-breaking Steam game because of the specific release time and recent issues with the game being accused of stealing Pokémon IP.

In the end, the company says, “We will continue to love and care for every Pokémon and its world, and we will work to bring the world together through Pokémon in the future.”

This is where you can read our whole breakdown.

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