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About me

Hello, my name is Phoenix, I have a great knowledge of gadgets including smartphones, Laptops, wireless earbuds, earphones, headsets. I like technology and gadgets and also like writing on them. I usually write when I am free from work. As of now, I am the only person who is working and active at this site. I will surely add 2 or 3 writers to this site If this site starts getting huge traffic.

About Tech91au

The Tech91au is a tech-related site for readers who live in Australia and search for the best gadgets from across Australia. It is trusted and non-sponsored, so one can find the best gadget for oneself. I write completely unbiased and detailed articles on this site. Our vision is to guide the visitors or readers to find out the best gadget for themselves.

We only write on tech-related gadgets including headsets, earbuds, mobile phones, TVs, laptops, earphones, etc after searching and getting enough knowledge of them carefully. You will find completely honest reviews on this site about the products.