A funny bug in PalWorld pixelates the player character after killing a lot of pals.

After killing a lot of Pals, a PalWorld player run into a bug that made their character look like pixels. Palworld has been a huge hit since it came out in early January, thanks to its unique mix of styles. Players have been busy exploring all that the game has to offer since then.

The talk around Palworld, which is both a survival sim and a creature-collector game, has made it both popular and controversial. This is because it was said to be a more adult take on the Pokemon brand. Players move around the world of the game and fight monsters called Pals. They can also use their Pals to do other things, like build bases, make items, and gather materials. The player can fight the Pals without any of the friends they’ve gathered, and they can even kill them for food and other things.

A bug can happen if you kill too many friends.

On Alexia Raye’s TikTok account, she shared a video of her character in Palworld that looked like it was forever distorted. She said this took place right after she killed 100 Pals. It looks like the bug happened because the act of killing is so violent that the game pixels it. The player figure is also pixelated, and it looked like the glitch made it stay that way.

Other players have said that the problem goes away when the world is restarted, even though it looks like the pixels will stay there forever. The bug may have a strange look, but the tiny main figure gets annoying quickly, especially when you need to aim at something right in front of you. People who play Palworld on Xbox have been having crashes, so this bug is at least not as bad as those.

Palworld players are busy making different parts of their base because the game is open-world and has building features. Crafting and building seem to have a lot of options, which is a big part of why the game is so popular. A lot of fan-made buildings have been posted on the internet, encouraging other players to keep making as many creative buildings as they can for the game.

Pocket Pair will be adding more things to find in the game in future updates, which will also make it more fun to play. Palworld has quickly gained a huge fan base, and it looks like it could become the next big original video game brand. It can be that successful as long as it stays out of trouble.

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