Fallout 76 Gets New Update

Bethesda’s online action role-playing game Fallout 76 recently received an update that fixes bugs and enhances game performance. This is the first update for the refreshed game in 2024. Patch for Fallout 76 is now available for all devices that can play the game.

Fallout 76, which came out in October 2018, is the newest game in Bethesda’s famous Fallout series. Players at first laughed at the game because it had a lot of bugs and no NPCs that could give quests, but Bethesda has worked hard to fix these problems and make the game better. With the third big update, Wastelanders, the game got new characters and storylines. These and other changes helped Fallout 76 hit 13.5 million players by December 2022. It got better and better, and by the end of 2023, there were 17 million players.

Bethesda’s most recent patch for Fallout 76,, comes out at the same time as the Burning Love event, but it doesn’t add any new content. It does fix a lot of bugs and makes changes that are meant to make the game experience better. Some bugs in the tasks have been fixed. For example, plastic gas bottles now count toward the daily challenge of gathering gas or fuel tanks. Another change is that crafting has been fixed, so players can now make communist fighter outfits and other communist clothes and armor. A lot of changes have been made to trips as well.

The Burning Love Event in Fallout 76 starts.

Burning Love, another event in Fallout 76, began on January 30 and ends at 12 p.m. ET on February 13. The Atomic Shop has a free Hot Rod Pink Flamer skin that players can get and use on their Flamer to finish weekly tasks that involve setting things on fire. For finishing four of the five weekly tasks, you’ll get a pink mechanical jumpsuit and rose-tinted glasses. For completing all five, you’ll get Fallout 76 perk cards, legendary modules, and repair kits. A pink fireplace will be given to players who finish four tasks each week. Bethesda is ready to start the Fasnacht event as soon as the Burning Love event is over.

In 2024, Fallout 76 will have a lot going on. Atlantic City will grow even more, and the Shenandoah Woods will be added to the south of the current map. Bethesda has also promised that seasonal events will happen more often. For people who aren’t into video games, the new Fallout TV show is coming out in April, so there’s a lot to look forward to.

Version of the Fallout 77 update

Look at the list below to see how big the patch is for today on each platform:

  • PC (Microsoft Store): 11.5 GB
  • PC (Steam): 7.2 GB
  • 7.8 GB for PlayStation
  • 1.6 GB for Xbox

Fixes for bugs and improvements

Workshop and C.A.M.P.

  • Slot Machines: The West Virginia Slot Machine now correctly says that it needs 25 caps to work. This fix fixes a problem where players were getting perfectly preserved pies more often than they were supposed to.
    Building: The following C.A.M.P. items can now be built again: the Jewelry Flair display, the Flamer Napalm Tank, the Mounted Wendigo, the Beer Sein Display case, the Communist Bunker, and the Communist Fence.
    Switches: Make the Random Switch Budget cost the same as other switches by lowering it.
    Problems to solve
  • Today’s Daily Challenge is to “Eat Cake, Pie, or Candy.” Birthday cake now counts toward that goal.
    Daily: Fixed a bug that meant killing Feral Ghouls wouldn’t count toward the Daily Challenge.
    Daily: Added Plastic Gas Canisters to the Daily Challenge to Collect Fuel Tanks or Gas Canisters.

Making things

  • Items: Mole Miner Pails, Spooky Treat Bags, and Holiday Gifts now give you ammo that fits the situation.
  • Items: Players can make the Vault Tec Jumpsuit, the Communist Militant Outfit, the Communist Militant Hat, the Communist Spy Ski Hat, the Communist Spy Ski Outfit, the Communist Threat Combat Rifle Paint, the Communist Style Handmade Rifle Skin, the Communist Red Secret Service Underarmor, and the Communist Spacesuit again.
  • Scout Armor Masks: The Hidden, Forest, and City Scout Armor Masks can now be made correctly and put back to their original colors. There is no longer a second “No Paint” choice for the Urban Scout armor.
  • Plans: On acquisition, learning, and crafting, Star Light now has the right name that can be seen.
  • Plans: Fixed a bug that let players buy the Slot Machine Podiums recipe from Giuseppe even if they already knew the recipe.
  • Weapons: Using the Beam Focused mod to change ultracite lasers no longer takes away the visual effects.
  • Legendary Mods: Fixed a bug that caused the Furious Legendary Mod to only increase damage by 45% after three hits instead of the planned 90%.

Going on Expeditions

  • The Pitt: Players will now die right away if they jump into the toxic vat in The Pitt.
  • Atlantic City: Changed the ammo drops in the environment to match The Pitt.
  • Atlantic City: Fixed a problem on PlayStation where the Expeditions Reward screen showed the wrong question.
  • Atlantic City: Fixed a bug that meant Atlantic City Weekly Rewards for finishing all-choice goals wouldn’t show up on the Rewards Summary screen if the player already had too many rewards.
  • Expeditions: When you finish an expedition, Alien Blaster Weapons now give you the right kind of relevant ammo.
  • Expeditions: Fixed a bug that caused the UI to show the chosen location instead of your current Expeditions when you tried to restart an Expedition while choosing a location that your current Expedition was NOT in.
  • Expeditions: Fixed a bug that kept players from getting to the Expedition UI when they clicked on the Vertibird icon on the paper map.
  • Expeditions: Fixed a bug that made it impossible for players to use the Expeditions Menu to return to Appalachia.
  • In Expeditions, a problem was fixed where the Expedition Icon wouldn’t show up on the paper plan.
  • Overgrown: Fixed a spot near Quentino’s Night Club where Overgrown could get stuck.
  • Tax Evasion: If the player now goes back to the task after having already finished the goal, they will be able to return to Sal with the unlucky gambler’s winnings.
  • Tax Evasion: Fix a bug that caused slot machines to float after entering the Neapolitan Casino again.
  • The Most Sensational Game: Fixed a screen that would keep loading when you tried to start an adventure again after failing the timer goal.
  • The Most Sensational Game: Showmen’s Flag isn’t there anymore unless the goal that needs it is active.
  • The Most Sensational Game: Fixed a bug that let Naughty Showmen leave the jail early if they were attacked.
  • Tatos thrown at Naughty Showmen now properly burst when they hit them in The Most Sensational Game.
  • In The Most Sensational Game, the fireworks no longer ask you to take or wear items.
  • The Most Exciting Game: Fixed a crash for the Expedition host.
  • The Most Sensational Game: Fixed a bug that caused the “Approach the Play Area” goal to show up too early.

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