5 Best Smartwatches under $100 in Australia (2023)

With the continuous advancement of technology, Smartwatches can now provide more and are just as helpful as smartphones. Smartwatches have changed the market and have grown in popularity over time. The majority of individuals are still undecided about whether or not a smartwatch is genuinely required and worthwhile. It’s critical to get your alerts on time and reply according to their importance. Smartwatches are very useful devices as they can alert you to email, SMS, and phone calls as soon as they arrive. Without going via your phone, you may react and answer them right from your wristwatch. You might also like Best Gaming Headphones under $100

These are the best Smartwatches under $100

Smartwatches NameBuying Guide
1. Lovtutu SmartwatchBuy from Amazon
2. Amazfit Bip UBuy from Amazon
3. AGPTEK SmartwatchBuy from Amazon
4. DoSmarter Fitness WatchBuy from Amazon
5. New Zeblaze GTRBuy from Amazon

‎1. Lovtutu Smartwatch

Best Smartwatches under $100

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The Lovtutu Smart Watch is one of the Best Smartwatches under $100. It is ideal for those who desire a stylish and bigger screen display. More than 100 watch faces are picked from the Smartwatch, including a 1.28-inch HD LCD screen. With these unique watch faces, you can upload your photographs, modify your watch face, and focus on essential things for you.

The HD LCD IPS touchscreen has a wide field of vision, and you can see the smartwatch screen well even from an angle of 180°, resulting in excellent light transmission and improved colour rendering. It is permanently submerged at 30 metres in typical usage, and an oleophobic coating may help eliminate fingerprints and water stains from the screen.

It’s a Next-Generation health monitor with 2021 biosensor technology that delivers 24/7 heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation measurement, sleep blood pressure monitoring, and other features, allowing complete health management from the wrist. Smartwatches, of course, record your steps, distance walked, and calories burnt.

This is a great option to consider for the pricing compared to the competition, the screen quality, and the fact that it is a functional smartwatch.

2. Amazfit Bip U

Best Smartwatches under $100

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Amazfit Bip U Health Fitness Smartwatch is a fashionable and well-liked smartwatch with a low price tag. It boasts a 1.43″ HD elegant square screen that has a greater display area than a round watch face of the same width, allowing for more information to be displayed.

This wristwatch optimises the power consumption of the components to provide a 7-day battery life while maintaining a thin watch casing, allowing you to avoid frequent charging. The fitness smartwatch’s precise optical monitoring will enable you to check heart rate, blood oxygen levels, stress levels, breathing, sleep quality, and sleeping patterns with pinpoint accuracy.

It also just weighs roughly 31 grammes, making it a super light design that you hardly notice while you’re trying to achieve top performance. With female period monitoring and prediction, the fantastic watch also keeps track of women’s menstrual health and sends intelligent alerts and reminders. Overall, the Smartwatch is something to be proud of and is a must-have.

3. AGPTEK Smartwatch

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The AGPTEK Smart Watch is an intelligent wearable with an extensive range of reasonably priced features. This watch allows you to monitor your heart rate and track your sleep in real-time. The screen is a 1.3-inch full touch screen designed with contemporary technology, which differs from previous tiny square displays and delivers a superior visual experience and usage feel.

You may use it when washing your hands or even swimming on wet days, thanks to its IP68 waterproof rating. There are eight distinct sports modes on the sports watch, including walking, running, yoga, swimming, etc.

The Smartwatch has a multi-sport mode and can also be used as a fitness tracker. Health reminders, sedentary reminders, call reminders, meeting reminders, and alarms are tracked, including sleep, heart rate, steps, and calorie consumption. It’s all about developing a healthy lifestyle. This Smartwatch is constructed to last and has a wide range of functions.

The Smartwatch may run for 8-12 days or 30 days in standby mode after being wholly charged for 2 hours. Almost all smartphones, including Huawei, Samsung, and iPhone, are compatible with this wristwatch. If you’re in the market for a smartwatch, this one’s design and aesthetic, as well as the excellent app and notification experience, make it a viable option.

4. DoSmarter Fitness Watch

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The DoSmarter Exercise Watch is designed for fitness enthusiasts, both men and women. The DoSmarter Exercise Watch is designed for fitness enthusiasts and is available in men’s and women’s sizes. It has a 1.3-inch HD display panel. It’s made to keep track of your fitness and wellness.

It keeps track of your daily steps, calories consumed, and distance travelled, as well as your continuous heart rate and blood pressure, as well as the length of time you spend exercising and sleeping. An extra user guide makes it simple to get started with your fitness watch. It’s created for everyone and can be used by people of all ages.

You can view calories burnt, steps taken, distance travelled, and active minutes with a fitness watch x18 on your wrist. It can assist you in creating a fitness goal and keeping track of your health and fitness statistics.

With its IP68 waterproof design and water and sweat-resistant materials, you may wear it to all-weather workouts and enjoy the freedom of water-related activities. This Smartwatch will vibrate to notify you of incoming calls, messages, and social media software SNS. The sedentary alert may set alerts with 21 different themes to remind you to get up, take medicine, or exercise.

DoSmarter fitness watch is a good option if you want an all-in-one watch but don’t want to wear a large one. This watch is suitable for everyday usage and is a good investment.

5. New Zeblaze GTR

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Another excellent and ordinary watch to use is the New Zeblaze GTR Health and Fitness Smartwatch. The design is lovely, with a circular form that appears extremely clean, attractive, and ideal for men and women.

It is 45mm in diameter and features a 1.3-inch screen and two on-off and back buttons on the side. It has an exquisitely created 2.5D curved glass that shimmers like crystal jade, a high-resolution touch screen that makes a strong integrated visual experience, and the attractive and dynamic curves of the metal body that provide a pleasant and light-wearing experience.

With Bluetooth 5.1, the watch consumes less power and maintains a more consistent connection. This version works with Android 4.4 and above, as well as iOS.With a long-life battery that lasts up to 30 days, this Smartwatch outlasts the competition, allowing you to spend more time exercising and less time charging. The charge period is about 1 to 1.5 hours, resulting in a fully charged battery.

It also features a water resistance of 30 metres, comparable to classic high-end watches. It’s safe to wear regularly or when swimming.

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