Best Gaming Mouse under $100 in Australia

If you’re a gamer, you know how important it is to have the best equipment available for your needs. The gaming mice can be just what you’re searching for if you’re seeking the best gaming mouse under $100 that’s specifically designed for use with your favourite game. Because of the many functionalities and settings accessible, these mice are great if you want something very nice and under $100 just for playing video games. You might also like Best Gaming Mouse under $50

Best Gaming Mouse under $100 list

  • Razer Mamba Elite
  • Razer Viper
  • HyperX Pulsefire Haste
  • SteelSeries Rival 5
  • ROCCAT Kone Pure Owl-Eye

1. Razer Mamba Elite

Best Gaming Mouse under $100

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The Razer Mamba Elite Wired Gaming Mouse is at the top of our list for a good reason. The mouse has a skin-friendly design and an intuitive contour that aids in long gaming sessions and is designed to last for more extended periods. It also has an upgraded, ergonomic design with rubberized side grips that reduce fatigue over time.

The mouse will not let you down when it comes to gaming performance. It has a very low click latency thanks to the high DPI choices, and this processor can run at higher rates and has a maximum DPI of 16000. The mouse comes in various RGB colours and includes preset settings for 16.8 million colour combinations. For high-end gamers, this is an excellent and reliable gaming mouse.

2. Razer Viper

Best Gaming Mouse under $100

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The Razer Viper 8KHz Wired Gaming Mouse is a reasonably priced and Best Gaming Mouse under $100. In terms of design, the gaming mouse is significantly smaller. Its agile form factor is straightforward to handle while maintaining build strength, allowing for deft control that feels like a natural extension of your hand. Woven for greater flexibility and designed to produce minimal drag, you will be able to perform faster, smoother swipes for tighter mouse control.

The gaming mouse has 8000Hz HyperPolling Technology for near-zero input lag and unprecedented speed. The Razer Focus+ 20K Optical Sensor, which precisely monitors your movement with zero spinouts, enabling crisp reaction and pixel-precise accuracy, is also included. Overall, this is the most fantastic gaming mouse available.

3. HyperX Pulsefire Haste

Best Gaming Mouse under $100

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HyperX Pulsefire Haste tiny Gaming Mouse has become a legend in the world of PC gaming. In terms of design, the shell is shaped like a small honeycomb and delivers feather-light weight without losing durability. A HyperFlex USB Cable is included with the gaming mouse. The light, flexible paracord material lowers strain and resistance for better mouse movement.

TTC Golden micro dustproof switches deliver solid, pleasing clicks and are rated for 60 million clicks when it comes to the regulators. The mouse is equipped with high-quality PTFE feet that let it glide across various surfaces. The low-friction, 100 per cent PTFE skates aid in providing a smooth, effortless glide. The gaming mouse also comes with grip tape on the sides and left and right buttons for added control and comfort.

4. SteelSeries Rival 5

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Another best gaming mouse under $100 is the SteelSeries Rival 5 Gaming Mouse. It is both light and adaptable. The gaming mouse features a sleek appearance and industry-leading agility and sensitivity. It also contains a sensor with TrueMove3 technology that allows for one-to-one tracking. It includes a 9-button programmable layout with 5 rapid action side buttons and an ergonomic design that allows you to use it with both a claw and a palm grip. Perfect for all Battle Royale, FPS, MOBA, MMO, and other fast-paced games, the gaming mouse is built for both left and right-handed players with an ambidextrous feature tossed in.

5. ROCCAT Kone Pure Owl-Eye

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The fifth product, on our list of the best gaming mouse under $100, we have the ROCCAT Kone Pure Owl-Eye Optical RGB Gaming Mouse. The gaming mouse features a Pro-grip surface Max coating that is extremely durable. It has a 12000 DIP optical sensor with relentless pointer precision. It also has a Color illumination innovative lighting system with 16.8 million colours. It also features ROCCAT Easy-Shift[+] button duplicator technology, including 17 different button functions. The gaming mouse is created for gamers who wanted the Kone EMP’s fan-favourite design in a smaller package.

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