Best Gaming Keyboard under $100

A good quality keyboard is one of the most important components for a player to have an advantage over their opponent when it comes to decent gaming equipment. Top-notch talents are crucial, but they’re useless if a gamer doesn’t have the back of a gaming keyboard that responds to directions quickly. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of the best gaming keyboard under $100 that you can use to dazzle your opponents with your lightning-fast reflexes. You might also like Best Gaming Mouse under $50

Best Gaming Keyboard under $100 list

  • Redragon K630
  • MSI Gaming Keyboard
  • AJAZZ AK515
  • Redragon K582

1. Redragon K630

Best Gaming Keyboard under $100

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If you’re looking for a simple wired gaming keyboard, the Redragon K630 Dragonborn Wired RGB is one of the Best Gaming Keyboard under $100. In terms of design, due to popular desire, about 60% of the designs are wired only. The keys are for ultra-compact and simple design, which allows for more clutter-free desk space. The gaming keyboard features Hot-Swappable Brown Switches, which offer a slight bump but no click, unlike Blue, for quiet operation and are rated for 50 million keypresses.

It also offers up to 11 pre-programmed backlighting styles that can be selected by the keyboard itself. On-board controls for brightness and flow speed are also available. This gaming keyboard is designed specifically for FPS gamers, so you can place it straight on your desktop instead of in a crooked fashion to save space for your mouse. Enjoy the freedom of waving the mouse and go get those Team Kills.

2. MSI Gaming Keyboard

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MSI Backlit gaming keyboards give the sturdy foundation you need for victory when gaming becomes epic. The MSI VIGOR GK30 is a full-size gaming keyboard with a great mix of membrane switches, hotkey capabilities, and RGB customization for your own setup. Using the GK30’s hotkeys, you can easily configure your RGB lighting and control your media without having to install any other software. The VIGOR GK30 combines a smooth press with a tactile click for a keystroke lifespan of 12 million.

You’ll never lose or miss an input in the middle of a battle with 6 key rollovers and 20 anti-ghosting. The water-resistant floating key design of the GK30 makes it simple to clean when it becomes soiled from liquids or debris.

3. AJAZZ AK515

Best Gaming Keyboard under $100

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On our selection of the best gaming keyboards under $100, the AJAZZ AK515 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes in second. When it comes to the switches, they designed this keyboard and chose this colour scheme in the hopes of restoring the keyboard to its natural shape and reminding people of the sky, which is new and free. The PBT material provides a more sensitive surface and a superior tactile sense, allowing for ultimate comfort.

The switches are designed to last up to 60 million cycles. The game keyboard is a high-end gaming keyboard with anti-ghosting technology that is 100 per cent effective. With 104 keys, you can get dependably accurate results without worrying about software errors. A professional control chip, aluminium and ABS construction, and unique mechanical switches assure the highest degree of quality assurance, as well as long-term durability and constant performance.


Gaming Keyboard under $100

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The FANTECH MAXFIT61 is a well built mechanical keyboard. Universal hot-swappable Outemu switches are used throughout the keyboard. It has all of the strength and capabilities of a full-sized keyboard, but it’s smaller and allows for more mouse mobility. Furthermore, the keyboard boasts Smooth, Slick Movement Pre-lubricated stabilisers for the gaming experience. Through MAXFIT61 software, which features “MagicFN” functionality to reach multimedia keys effortlessly, the keyboard also offers adjustable spectrum modes, button assignments, and easy-macro scripts.


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The RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK68 Wired Mechanical Keyboard is a full-size keyboard with a number pad that fits comfortably on a desk. RK68 features a simple design with full-function and compact keyboard characteristics, as well as arrow keys and frequently used control keys. The game keyboard features a Charming RGB Backlight with 18 different RGB backlight effects, providing you with hours of fun. It has a fantastic appearance, a type-c USB connector, and a 1.5-meter wire length. Transmission at a higher speed is more stable.

6. Redragon K582

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The pluggable OUTEMU blue switches on the Redragon K582 gaming keyboard provide the best tactile typing experience with clicky and pleasant feedback, making it ideal for continuous typing and gaming. It is completely anti-ghosting. The 104 keys allow for the most precise simultaneous key pushes. It’s completely programmable. For easy gaming, reassign any key or set up the most severe macros. The game keyboard has been tested for 50 million keystrokes and has a tiny actuation force, and a short travel distance. It has a solid base and double injection ABS keycaps that are designed to last a lifetime of gaming.

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